Micronization is the most efficient infrated heat treatment technology used to increase grain digestibility for livestock use. Our product is laboratory tested for a better standardization.



Excellent to formulate special purpose rations like calf starters and textured feeds. This product is almost entirely digestible by the most sensitive digestive tracks, is pathogen and bacterial free on account of it being cooked to proper intensities and flaked. 

Customers top dress this product to their high producing dairy subjects during negative energy period of the milk cycle.


Why Feed Micronized Soybeans?

Micronized soybeans are highly digestible and an effective way to meet the energy requirement of high producing cows.  It is also an excellent way to restore depleted fat reserves and essential to maintain persistency of production. 

The availability of amino acids (a protein component) is greatly improved by micronizing. 

The micronizing process kills bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens and it neutralizes toxins, which may be present in the raw bean, making it a feed of choice for young animals. 

We micronized to 60% rumen by-pass.