Our high quality standards are achieved by strict, accurate and detailed procedures and protocols.  Third party audits are performed yearly in our facility to validate our procedures in accordance with specific regulations and standards.



The Canadian Grain Commission's Canadian Identity Preserved Recognition System (CIPRS) certifies our I.P Soybeans system in place for the production, handling and transportation. As part of the yearly audit the company must demonstrate complete traceability from the growing stage through the packaging and shipping.

APPROVED CONDITIONER WITH the canadian seed institute (CSI)

Approved conditioners, operating under their quality management systems, are accredited to condition (e.g. clean, treat, mix, blend, etc.), sample and grade pedigreed seed and label it with a Canada pedigreed grade name


R.D. Legault Seeds is a member of many well know associations:

  • Member of Canadian Food Exporters Association (CFEA)
  • Member of Canadian Seed Grower's Association (CSGA)
  • Member of SeCan Association
  • Member of Canadian Seed Institute (CSI)